Software Quality Assurance

Our certified team can help you set up Quality Management tools on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and System Z. Our Software Quality Assurance solution includes: SQA Concept Development, SQA Requirement Specification, SQA Design, SQA Implementation, SQA Testing, SQA Installation and Checkout, SQA Operation, SQA Maintenance and is based on IEEE and ISO standards.

To fully meet your company’s needs, we provide configuration of your existing projects in Rational Quality Manager and can help you upgrade your existing Rational Quality Tools deployment to the latest versions.

The Rational Tools we work with are:


IBM Rational Quality Manager is a web-based centralized test management environment for business, system and IT decision makers and quality professionals who seek a collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting.

RQM 2.0.x contains a built-in Reportable REST interface, which is a standard-compliant interface that RPE is able to use for retrieving data.


From requirements, through design, code, and production, IBM Rational AppScan provides comprehensive application vulnerability management across the application lifecycle. The IBM Rational AppScan portfolio is a fundamental component of the IBM Secure Engineering framework enabling your organization to benefit from the ability to design security into your business.