Requirement Management

Requirements management practices are the cornerstones of project success. When requirements are defined and managed properly, project overruns can be lowered by reducing the number of inaccurate, incomplete, and omitted requirements.

IBM Rational tools offer best practices in requirements management proven to save time and money by helping you: reduce rework and accelerate time to market by collaborating with your stakeholders, increase productivity by controlling and managing changes to requirements, minimize cost and risk by measuring the impact of changes as they occur and demonstrate compliance by ensuring full traceability of requirements.

Our team can help you set up Rational tools like Rational Requirement Composer, Rational DOORS and Rational RequisitePro.


IBM Rational Requirements Composer is a requirements definition solution that enables organizations to enhance their requirements processes. Providing various visual and collaborative tools, RRC helps teams define and use requirements effectively across the project lifecycle.

RRC 3.0.1 provides high quality reports from your data warehouse or generate documents based on the live data from your requirements driven projects using Rational Publish Engine. Using OOTB reports and templates, high quality documents and reports can be generated based on requirements change, traceability, or trends to name a few.

RRC 2.0.x contains a built-in Reportable REST interface, which is a standard-compliant interface that RPE is able to use for retrieving data. The RRC client also embeds RPE libraries and some out-of-the-box RPE document templates to provide direct publishing support from that application.


IBM Rational DOORS is a requirements management software, designed to optimize requirements communication, collaboration and verification, by providing a comprehensive requirements management environment. Through various integrations, it allows managing changes to requirements, links requirements to design items, test plans, test cases and other requirements for easy and powerful traceability.

The interface used by RPE to pull data from DOORS is DXL (DOORS eXtenstion Language), specific to this integration. It returns data and formatting information in a special format (DRML), which is processed by RPE to publish output documents.

With more then 8 years of experience in using DOORS, we can help you to set up a requirements tool such as DOORS and customize it to fit your process.

IBM RATIONAL RequisitePro (ReqPro)

IBM Rational RequisitePro enables the creation, analysis and management of requirements and use cases. It uses an advanced integration with Microsoft Word to provide a familiar environment for activities such as requirements definition and organization.

RPE ships with Data Services Adapter, a component that constructs a Reportable REST interface from the RequisitePro projects.

With strong knowledge in Rational SoDA and Rational SoDA – RPE migration Utility, we can help you migrate your legacy documents to Rational Publishing Engine.

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