DNG Extensions


When users first migrated from DOORS to DNG they were impressed by how easy and intuitive everything was but something was missing…all the custom processing and configurations they were able to do with DXL scripting. So DNG introduced the client extension API to achieve a similar functionality.

Using the client extension API we can build widgets for your DNG environment that all users can load and use from their dashboards.

If you are wondering what type of widgets you would find useful, here are a few examples:

  • Reporting Widget, like the one we described on this page:
  • Data Processing Widgets that can make computations based on the data you have in your attributes. Widgets use contexts so the computations can be limited to a module, collection, artifact, etc.
  • Visual representations of your data with Chart Widgets
  • Bulk updating of attributes with a custom value
  • Many more

What we’re trying to say is that if you want DNG to do more for you, take advantage of our expertise in this field and we’ll help you set it up in no time.