IBM Rational® Publishing Engine™

Our experts work closely with you to gather report requirements, author, validate and deploy the RPE templates to meet your reporting needs.

Template Design for IBM Rational Publishing Engine

Training your staff for template design can be an expensive process especially if you need a set of reports that do not change very often.
With many years of first-hand experience in document generation, and long exposure to many data source repositories and real-world documentation needs, our consultants are in a good position to handle complex scenarios for document generation like cross-product reports.

  • Accelerate reporting process using start-up templates (POC for different integrations: RTC, DOORS, RRC, RQM, etc)
  • Authoring, validation and deployment of templates using RPE and point product best practices Template profiling and optimization
  • Implement different standards for reporting: DoDAF, MoDAF, etc

We have experience in creating templates for the following industries:

  • Government
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Sample documents

Migration to IBM Rational Publishing Engine

Migrating your assets to Rational Publishing Engine ensures access to modern technologies with reduced costs. Not only will the effort spent on creating the assets be spared, but many of the errors that could appear when creating everything from scratch can be avoided.

We can help you migrate your templates from:

  • Telelogic DocExpress and WEXP
  • Rational SoDA
  • Rhapsody ReporterPlus
  • BIRT

Integrate RPE with Rational tools & applications

As the original architects and developers of IBM Rational Publishing Engine, our team have an intimate knowledge of the various reporting APIs that comprise the IBM Rational family of tools and applications.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Change & Configuration Management (CCM)

Requirements Management (RM) Tools

Design, Architecture & Modeling

Integrate RPE with Non-Rational tools & applications

Our team has worked with organizations large and small to integrate applications, tools and databases with RPE. Call us today to discuss your particular integration needs.

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