DNG – Reporting Widget


Documents are essential in any complex process. DNG users need a way to extract the data from their projects and put it in a document in a meaningful and logical order. Rational Publishing Engine is perfect for this as it can extract, process the data from DNG and build any type of document.


Reporting should be easily available for all DNG users. They don’t need to know how to configure and publish documents from RPE or how to create RPE templates. They should just be able to select and configure what data should be in the report. And they should be able to do this directly from DNG.

The solution is a DNG Reporting Widget which combines DNG’s extension capability with RPE’s reporting power. Any user can load the widget on his dashboard and easily publish complex documents.


The widget can be tailored specifically for each project, environment, process, etc. Users will be totally unaware of notions such as RPE, templates, reporting urls and other technical terms. Adding configuration fields allows generating multiple types of documents: internal or customer documents, documents that trace to other projects (like RQM), documents that can filter the data and many more.

To have an idea of how easy this can be, take a look at the screenshot below where a user is generating a report for a collection by just selecting it and configuring what data to be included in the report:

Documents in place

Another advantage of a custom solution is that documents can be handled post-generation automatically: export to a documents server, share with others, send by email. If you have documents that need to be published periodically, a scheduler will help you do this.
The documents can have different formats (word, pdf or others) but will all look the same and follow each company’s document styles and standards.

Custom solution:

Our DNG Reporting custom solutions offer the RPE templates and DNG client extensions built specifically for your environment.