AnyChart for Focal Point

Created in collaboration with

GEBS Reporting, in collaboration with Decision Focus, has developed a new report engine that gives you any Excel chart automatically and directly loaded in Focal Point.

Focal Point provides a number of reporting options, graphical displays and other visualizations of your data. Yet some companies have very specific needs for their graphical views and perspectives usually defined in Excel based on extracts of Focal Point data. This process has been now automated by AnyChart for Focal Point.

Using AnyChart requires only Excel knowledge, you focus on the processing of data in Excel and AnyChart ensures the data is ready and that your graphs are presented in Focal Point.

The application can be hosted in the cloud, so you don’t need to install anything locally, or you can install AnyChart on server and access it internally.


  • Define custom graphs in Excel and have them automatically published directly in Focal Point
  • Export large amounts of data from the Focal Point for Excel at predefined time intervals – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Select what data to be exported by simply selecting views in Focal Point
  • Automatic display of Excel graphs in Focal Point
  • The service can be hosted, or locally installed.


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