Document Generation plays a great role in many organizations as audit, compliance and corporate documents need to be created on daily basis. These documents must be correct, complete and they must meet rigorous standards and while Rational Publishing Engine provides a solid base to achieve all this, the complexity of data and document formats required make the process non-trivial.

Implementation of
Rational Publishing Engine

GEBS Reporting provides services for IBM Rational products, with a primary focus on IBM Rational Publishing Engine. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the product, along with experience in implementation and customization of IBM Rational Publishing Engine into existing environments.

Legacy Solutions to RPE

Over the years, organizations have invested a lot of time and resources in maintaining template libraries used for publishing from products like Telelogic DocExpress or IBM Rational SoDA which have reached or are about to reach end-of-life in the near-future.

Template Design
and Optimization

Training your staff for template design can be an expensive process especially if you need a set of reports that do not change very often.

GEBS Reporting
Custom Solutions

IBM Rational Publishing Engine is a great solution for document generation needs but there are tasks that require additional capabilities that might not be immediately available in RPE.

At GEBS Reporting, we specialize in providing enterprise-grade services for publishing needs, by setting up a correct documentation process and adapting it to your organization specific needs. A correct document generation process will help you reduce the costs of the implementing solutions based on Rational Publishing Engine, avoid the common pitfalls and allow you to become productive in a short period of time.

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