Extracting tables from Doors

Rational Publishing Engine sees a DOORS table as a DOORS object child.
To extract DOORS tables we will use a query like: Module/Object/Table.

For example, let’s consider the following simple scenario:

We want to extract from a DOORS module all objects. For each object we want to have in the output document the Object Heading attribute value and the table attribute if available. Note that not all objects have values for Object Heading attribute and not all objects contain DOORS tables. In this regards, we create the following Template content: a Paragraph to iterate over all module objects. Inside the Paragraph we insert a Text to present the Object Heading attribute.
Next we insert a Table to present the DOORS table content. The query from the Table, Module/Object/Table, extracts the DOORS table element if available and is set in the context of the Module/Object query to insure that the Table will be located in the output document in the proper location as in the DOORS module. A Row is inserted having the query Module/Object/Table/Row to iterate over the DOORS table rows, query set in the context of the query Module/Object/Table. Then we insert a Cell, and set the query Module/Object/Table/Row/Object in the context of the query Module/Object/Table/Row to the Cell.

Figure 1: Template elements to extract Object Heading and Tables

Using this Template content we are able to extract the data that we intended.

Another recent feature of Rational Publishing Engine is the fact that RPE is able to extract also data from Table attributes. A DOORS table has attribute that can have values. These attribute can be accessed in DOORS if the entry View->Show->Table Cells is unchecked in the DOORS module menu. A user can use an attribute to set a title, or a caption for the table. Or we can create a new attribute Table caption if necessary, attribute that will only have value in case of tables. Using DOORS Schema discovery we will have this attribute in the DOORS Schema. Here is the new Template content using the Table Caption custom DOORS attribute.

Figure 2: Extracting data from Table attributes

Figure 2: Extracting data from Table attributes

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