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User role : Administrator

To access the executions you first have to log in as an administrator then select “Executions” tab. Afterwards, you will be able to see the left sidebar. This bar offers the possibility to select what type of executions will be displayed. Currently there are three main execution categories available in the menu:

  • Running – means that the document generation is in progress.
  • Waiting – means that the document generation was not started yet. The execution was added to the waiting list and will be handled as soon as possible.
  • Executed – means that the document generation was ended. A document generation could end with three different status codes: finished, failed, or canceled.

 Execution search

To search an execution you have to type its name in the search box located in the left sidebar:

A search is being made in real time, and all the results matching the search criteria will be displayed in a table .

To perform a thorough search, you have to click on the arrow which is located to the right side of the search box and then you’ll see several filters that can be used to filter the search : the status of the execution , a keyword or a date.

 View Log/Results

To check the results or the log of the previous execution or the generated Report you have to hover over the Actions Column. Afterwards, two buttons will show up : Document and Log. If you want to see the Results of an old execution you just have to click the Document button. In case you want to see the log of a specified execution, you will have to click on Log button and then you will be prompted to save a “.txt” file where you can find details about the generation of the specified execution:

Delete Executions

If you want to delete some executions from history, you can do this by clicking the checkboxes that can be found in the left side of the Report Name, and the next step is clicking the Delete “X” items button.