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Generating documents

User role : Publisher and Report Designer

To generate (publish) documents the user should go to the Publisher tab then click on one of the reports and click Generate:

Once the generation started the execution status will be displayed in the Executions Panel:

The Executions Panel has 3 states:


This state is active when the WEB-Publisher is opened and no execution were run in that day.


This state is active when the Web Publisher has an execution running. It displays the status of the execution and starting time.


This state is active when the execution status has one of the following values: FINISHED, CANCELED or FAILED.

The user can download the results archive by clicking on the name of the execution like in the following image:

To cancel an execution you need to use the Cancel button(it will show up if you hover over the status of the execution if the execution is in the queue or already running).  When the execution is canceled there are no results available:

You can also use the Go to History button to view the executions history.