How to use Alias feature in RPE Document Studio

In this blog article I will present a solution for a problem that you can have when you are using attributes with the same name.
First you need to have No option checked in RPE Document Studio Preference Page for “Use schema annotations for display”.
In order to show the advantages of the Alias feature I modified the DOORS schema provided with RPE.
This is the default DOORS schema:

And this is the modified schema (observe the selected description attribute):

So let’s say that we need to display all the DOORS attributes that have the same description with module’s description. But in this situation (when we need to use attributes with the same name- case sensitive) RPE cannot process in the correct way the condition. For these situations we will use the Alias feature to eliminate ambiguities.
When adding the condition that verifies if module’s description equals DOORSAttribute’s description right click on the attribute to set his alias.

Now the module/attribute/Description attribute will be known as $1_Description and our condition will be processed in the correct way.
This is the way in which RPE can handle processing of attributes with the same name.

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