Extracting data from TAU on Linux

Since Linux OS does not have registers, the Tau target location must be set manually. We will provide you with all the information required to set up the Tau extraction using IBM Rational Publishing Engine. You can extract Tau data as long as IBM Rational Tau or later is [...]

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How to use Alias feature in RPE Document Studio

In this blog article I will present a solution for a problem that you can have when you are using attributes with the same name. First you need to have No option checked in RPE Document Studio Preference Page for “Use schema annotations for display”. In order to show the advantages of [...]

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Create a nice looking Header section

To create a nice looking Header we will use a Table element with one Row having 3 Cells. In the first Cell we want to display some text, in the second Cell we want to display a text that will be retrieve dynamically from a data source, and in the [...]

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1 [...]

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