Achieve compliance and manage the velocity of change with our full reporting solutions

With automotive systems growing increasingly complex, organizations are turning toward software and system lifecycle management solutions as a mean to promote modularity, traceability, and collaboration between different engineering groups.

We understand the importance of having the resources in place to establish traceability between artifacts, analyze the effects of changes and show the status of verification and validation, in an effort to achieve compliance and manage the velocity of change.

We deliver automated reporting services for generating compliance documentation and custom solutions that help organizations understand and improve the process across all phases of systems development lifecycle. Our integrated reporting solutions and extensions for rational tools, as well as migration from legacy tools are addressed to automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers and automotive system integrators.

Our reporting solutions rely on

Requirements Analysis and Modeling


  • IBM Rational DOORS
  • IBM Rational Rhapsody
  • IBM Rational DOORS NextGen
  • IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager


  • System Requirements Document
  • Requirements Traceability Report
  • System Design Document
  • Software Development Document

Migration of Legacy Solutions

The legacy reporting solutions for DOORS and Rhapsody such as DocExpress, WEXP, SoDA and ReporterPlus are becoming obsolete and have reached or about to reach end of life. The solution is to migrate to a more efficient and flexible document generation solution such as Rational Publishing Engine, designed to handle various data sources, flexible formatting and large sets of data.

We deliver services to reuse legacy tools resources/templates, processes and other company assets by using the best practices and company expertise. Migrating your assets to Rational Publishing Engine ensures access to modern technologies with reduced costs. Not only will the effort spent on creating the assets be spared, but many of the errors that could appear when creating everything from scratch can be avoided.

Custom solutions development

We deliver applications, modules and extensions across enterprise solutions, interoperability and integration between platforms, applications and technologies, to better meet customer’s needs, environment and knowledge.

Wizard-based document configuration and generation

Case study:
Wizard-based document configuration and generation
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Testing and Validation


  • IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • IBM Rational Team Concert


  • Test Analysis Report
  • Test Plan
  • Test Master Plan
  • User Acceptance Test Report

ISO 26262

  • Software Tool Qualification Plan
  • Software Tool Documentation
  • Software Tool Classification Analysis
  • Software Tool Qualification Report

Audit and Compliance


  • IBM Rational Method Composer

The solutions proposed by us will help you achieve compliance with the industry’s standards and methodologies, including:

  • ISO26262
  • ISO 9001-2008

Supply chain

  • Exchange and migrate information between disparate applications.
  • Improve collaboration between automotive organizations and their suppliers by providing documentation for acceptance tests, regulatory compliance and resource management.

Sample documents