Push-button automated document generation

Now it’s easier than ever to generate documents with data from the software and system tools you are using, including DOORS, CLM, Focal Point, System Architect, Rhapsody and more. All at the click of a button.

No previous experience with document generation tools or technical knowledge required. Gain efficiency, consistency and transparency through custom document generation on the fly, made available to everyone in your company, from product managers to production engineers and quality assurance teams.

Create, configure and generate documents online

  • All your reporting artifacts are stored in one place, so that you can access the documents you need, wherever you go.
  • Use the built in library for ready to run reports.
  • Use the configuration wizard for fast and hassle-free report configuration.

Reporting collaboration through shared repositories for reporting artifacts

  • Move your reporting resources from desktop to web
  • Documents are stored together, in one manageable place
  • Instant access to the most current version of documents
  • Complete control on how you share your documents
  • Share your reporting resources for more effective teamwork across distributed organizations
  • No matter what happens to your desktop devices, your files are safely stored in Web Publisher libraries.
  • Share and collaborate in real time – use shared reports to generate the documents you need

History for generated documents

Access the generated documents online at any time, from everywhere.
Decrease search time from minutes to seconds on all documents and generated reports

Publish documents when you need them

Schedule reports to run at a specific time, weekly or monthly, and get notified by email the moment they’re ready.

Supported document outputs

Choose the document format that suits your company needs best. Have your documents generated in the following formats: MS Word, PDF, Html, Xslfo, MS PowerPoint or MS Excel.

Web based solution – no installation required on user machine

There is no need to have RPE desktop application installed on client machines; people can generate the documents just from the web browser by using the shared resources on the server (RPE templates and specifications)

Role based access to resources

Now companies can secure and configure their reporting strategy based on the organization and teams’ process.

iPad client

GEBS Reporting Web Publisher for iPad is a must have application designed to enlarge the spectrum of document generation processes on mobile platforms.

It is optimized for iOS5 and represents a handy tool to test the powerful functionalities offered by this product.