GEBS Reporting Excel Converter uses a template created with IBM Rational Publishing Engine, for extraction of data from specific data sources into Excel sheets. Results can open automatically, and can be included in automatic processes. This allows for an organization to integrate their Rational application portfolio with managerial overviews and decision systems, support by MS Excel, MS Project and other similar standard applications.

RAEC-Integration with RPE


  1. Easy to deploy in Rational Publishing Engine, GEBS Reporting Web Publisher
  2. All the features from Excel Converter 1.0 are included
  3. Support for most common RPE elements and their properties
  4. Also available as a standalone application
  5. When packaged into a .jar file, the user can run this tool from the command line
  6. Easy to use and configure
  7. Support all the RPE versions including RPE 1.1.2
  8. Doesn’t require for Microsoft Excel to be installed
  9. Seamless integration in the document generation workflow
  10. Use the XslFo file generated by RPE as input for Excel output
  11. Examples and documentation on designing RPE templates for best results

The goal of this product is to enable Rational Publishing Engine to generate documents in Microsoft Excel format. The tool uses the Rational Publishing Engine Xsl-Fo output to generate the Excel format. No changes to Rational Publishing Engine are required and usage of the tool isn’t hinder the document generation flow.

Excel Converter can process data types used in various Rational applications, along with elements and their properties, as used in IBM Rational Publishing Engine. This includes paragraph, text, styled text, hyperlink, table, row, cell, image, list & list detail, comment, footnote, section break, page break, masterpage, header, footer. As an example, text type properties, such as font size and color, bold, italic and underline, along with cell properties, such as cell width, row properties and row height, can be fetched from Rational, and reused in MS Excel files.


  • Paragraph
  • Text
  • Styled Text
  • Hyperlink
  • Image
  • List
  • List-detail
  • Table
  • Row
  • Cell
  • Section Break
  • Masterpage
  • Header and Footer
  • Comment
  • Footnote
  • Table Caption
  • Figure Caption

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Excel Converter is available to be used as a plugin that can be embedded into IBM Rational Publishing Engine tool. It can be used as an output driver for Rational Publishing Engine to generate Excel documents from multiple Rational tools like: Rational DOORS, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational RequisitePro, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager etc. The intermediary format is XslFo, so there is also possible to generate Excel files from custom XslFo files generated by using various generation tools, other than RPE.


Quick to learn, and intuitive to use – create, configure and generate Excel files from multiple Rational tools. A simple wizard allows the user to set the input XslFo file, and the output Excel file, along with a few simple options. Excel file generation is possible with just a few clicks.


Within Rational Publishing Engine, with the help of an RPE template, the user is able to extract data from specific data sources into an Excel file.

Starting with Excel Converter 2.0, the structure of the RPE template used for generating the Excel output, is less restrictive than the structure for the template used in Excel Converter 1.0. The ultimate goal is to be able to generate an Excel output from any type of RPE template, and XslFo file, respectively.


Starting with Excel Converter 2.0, the converter tool can be used from the GEBS Reporting Web Publisher, like any other output format. The condition is to have the XslFo file also within the list of outputs to be generated, before the Excel output.

With Web Publisher and Excel Converter, you can generate Excel outputs anywhere, at anytime, in just a few steps.

Calculate formulas

Automatic creation of Excel formulas, based on scripts and variables in Rational systems.

The users are able to apply calculus over their data, without having to manually edit the Excel output: the formulas can be written in the RPE template, so no matter the time when a run is made over same/different data sources, the Excel’s output operations shall be up to date after every run.

The formulas need to be written in text objects within cell elements. These text objects shall have specific content recognizable by the Excel Converter tool.

Formula syntax: [EXCEL FORMULA <the excel formula, without the equal sign>].


Reuse formatting styles from your Rational data, such text formats, cell formats, header&footer formats, web links etc.


No extra license costs, as MS Excel installation is not required. You can also save lots of costly hours for implementation, as Excel Converter is an off-the-shelf solution.


Within RPE, with the help of a RPE template, the user shall be able to extract data from specific data sources into an Excel file. The structure of the RPE template can be adjusted according with user’s needs.

The complexity of RPE as a design tool must be handled keeping in mind that there is one more filter until the Excel output is generated, and that is the XslFo output. The user should the advantages and limitations of all tools, to learn the use of RPE, XslFo format, and Excel Converter, at maximum potential.