Word Processing

Author XG combines the familiarity of a general-purpose word processor with a document generation service that doesn’t need any special programming or design skills to operate.

  • Intuitive, familiar interface
    Purpose-built for everyday document authoring by non-specialists.
  • Constrained content model
    Authors can work with headings, paragraphs, tables, lists, figures, notes & page breaks.
  • Centrally enforced styling & formatting
    Styling, formatting and layout is fully automated and centrally enforced.
  • Professional results with less effort
    Auto-numbered headings, figures & tables. Prompted captions. Easy hyperlinking.

Document Generation

Author XG publishes documents transparently on the server-side using IBM Rational Publishing Engine; no RPE client installation or template development is required. Embedding dynamic content into a document is easy; simply insert one of Author XG’s preset reports to extract data from IBM Rational and other third-party tools & applications.

  • IBM Rational DOORS 9.X
    Extract traceability views, module content & statistics.
  • IBM Rational Rhapsody
    Extract UML & SysML diagrams, package reports and more.
  • IBM Rational CLM (Jazz 4.0+)
    Extract reports from RTC (Team Concert), RQM (Quality Manager), RRC (Requirements Composer) & DOORS NG.
  • Reporting Central
    Extract baselined content from any non-Rational data source, e.g. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV, images, graphics and XML.
  • HTTP
    Extract live images and content from the Internet or any other network-accessible locations.
  • Many more…
    Any application, tool or data source can be integrated – contact us for more details.

Centrally Enforced Styling & Formatting

Author XG documents are formatted and styled automatically when published so that authors need only concentrate on content creation. Administrator users may customise every aspect of document presentation on the server-side by setting the style and format preferences that are used by the document generation service.

  • Consistent presentation
    Ensure uniform document output across your organization, projects and teams with fully automated formatting and styling.
  • Total control
    Centrally define and enforce formatting preferences for page layout and all content elements.
  • Professional defaults
    Hit the ground running with beautiful default styling and formatting preferences.
  • Style integrity
    Baselined documents respect the style preferences active when baselined.

Intelligent Publishing

Author XG fuses document generation with the latest techniques in responsive design to create incredibly rich, usable and beautiful documents. Static and dynamic content scales to match page dimensions whilst headings, tables, figures and dynamic datasets are automatically hyperlinked to maximise document navigability.

  • Responsive figures & tables
    Aspect scale figure images and tables to fit page size and orientation.
  • Responsive dynamic content
    Automatically scale tabulated data to fit page dimensions.
  • Intelligent linking
    Automatic hyperlinking for headings and captioned figures and tables.
  • Breadcrumbs & Mini ToCs
    Automated navigation features for nested or hierarchically structured data.

Automated Tables, Lists & Indexes

Author XG can automatically generate the following tables, lists and indexes that are common to most documents, without any configuration or setup:

  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • List of Data Sources
  • List of Terms & Definitions
  • List of Publishing Errors
  • List of Revisions
  • List of Signatories
  • Index of Changes
  • Index of Referenced Documents
  • Document Metadata