Web Publisher Importer

Web Publisher Importer is an extension for GEBS Reporting Web Publisher. It’s an Eclipse Plugin used to automate the adoption of Web Publisher on top of RPE.

Wizard Page

How Web Publisher Importer can help you:

  • Upload existent specifications created with RPE Launcher component to Web Publisher server
  • Assist user during the import process
  • Allow user to upload one/multiple specifications at the same time
  • Provide hints to solve problems (ex. duplicate specifications)


  • Web Publisher Importer is an Eclipse Plugin and can be deployed directly in RPE Launcher or Document Studio components.
  • The user can use the “Web Publisher” menu entry or the special “Import” icon from the toolbar to start the “Import Wizard”.


  1. A user having the “template designer role” uploads the required templates and stylesheets to the server using the Web Publisher Interface and makes them visible to all users using the sharing among users provided facility.
  2. The specification designer uses the “Web Publisher Importer” to import the document specifications from the local disk to Web Publisher server.


The following Web Publisher role is required for the Web Publisher Importer: “specification designer role” needed for importing the document specifications to Web Publisher