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Publisher Actions

Copy Reports

To copy a report, the publisher must select a category from Shared Reports. The list of reports for that category will be displayed. The Copy button is available for each report when the user hovers over a report from the list.

In case the report is not already copied to My Reports, the following dialog will appear:

Otherwise, if the report is already copied to My Reports, the user is asked to copy it with a different name:

Reports from Shared Reports that are already copied are marked with the copied tag:

After the report is copied, the user is notified by the following message. If the user selects the Go to reports button, the category from My Reports to which the report was copied is automatically selected and reports from that category are displayed.

Add/Remove reports from Favourites

The user has the possibility to set frequently used reports from My Reports as favourite. These reports can be accessed more quickly from the Favourites category.

There are two ways to add or remove a report from favpurite reports:

1. From the reports panel, in the reports list, click the star icon next to each report name.

The star is colored when the report is added to Favourites.

2. From the report configuration panel, click the star icon next to the report name.

The user can view favourite reports by selecting the Favourites category from My Reports:

Search Reports

The user can search reports from My Reports, Shared Reports or Global Reports by name. The search will be performed on one of these three section, depending on which one is opened. Search results are displayed in the reports panel. When the search bar is cleared, the search results list is no longer displayed.

Configure Reports

Only reports from My Reports section can be configured by publisher users.
By clicking on a report name in the reports panel, the report configuration panel will be displayed, allowing the user to configure data sources and variables. The report configuration panel displays all templates associated to a report. To configure data sources and variables for each template, expand the desired template label.
The user with publisher role can not configure report outputs, but can view the outputs selected for the report.

After a report configuration is edited, the user must click the Save button to save the new configuration, or Cancel to undo the modifications.

DOORS Configuration Wizard

DOORS data sources can be configured using the DOORS configuration wizard. This wizard connects to DOORS using the DOORS server name, host and credentials.

The wizard allows users to select the DOORS module and baseline to configure the DOORS data source with. When the wizard is closed, the following data source properties are given the values that the user selected in the wizard: URI, module_id, doors_param, username, password, baseline, view and new_instance.

Delete Reports

In order to delete a report, the user must click on the report name to view the report configuration panel. In this panel, the Delete button deletes the current report.