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Web UI – Publisher View

1 – Search Panel

This panel is used to search reports. The search is performed in one of the following sections: My Reports, Shared Reports or Global Reports, depending on the currently opened section in the categories panel.

2 – Categories Panel

This panel displays the following three sections: My Reports, Shared Reports and Global Reports. My Reports contains reports that belong to the logged user, while Shared Reports are those reports shared by specification designer users. Global Reports represent those reports available for document generation to everyone inside a company. Global Reports and Shared Reports can not be edited by publisher users.
In each section, reports are organized into categories. When a category is selected, reports from that category are listed in the reports panel.

3 – Reports Panel

The panel displays the list of reports from the selected category. For My Reports and Global Reports, the Generate button is available for each report in the list. For Shared Reports, the Copy button is displayed for each report.

4 – Report Configuration Panel

The panel is used to view and edit report configurations and contains the Generate and Delete buttons, brief information about the report – such as name, description, date of creation and available outputs for document generation – and an editable section. The editable section consists of all the templates associated to the report. For each template, the user can configure the template variables and data sources.

5 – Executions Status Panel

This panel displays the status of executions initiated by the logged user and it has two tabs – In Queue and Generated.
The tab called In Queue displays all running or waiting executions, while the Generated tab displays executions that were finished, failed or canceled on the current day.