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Administrative Module

Web UI – Administrative View

1 – Executions Menu

This menu offers the possibility to select what type of executions will be displayed. Currently there are 3 main execution categories available in the menu:

  • Running – means that the document generation is in progress.
  • Waiting – means that the document generation was not started yet. The execution was added to the waiting list, and will be handled as soon as possible.
  • Executed – means that the document generation was ended. A document generation could end with 3 different status codes: finished, failed, or canceled.

2 – Executions Table

This panel displays information about the executions (started time, finished time, owner, etc.).

Administrative tasks:

  • Cancel a running/waiting execution (need Administrator role)
  • Clear executions history – delete finished, canceled or failed user executions.

3 – Execution Properties Panel

This panel displays the properties of the selected execution from the executions table. It also provides the possibility to download the results and the log of the execution.

4 – Categories Panel

This panel displays document specification categories and offers functions for creating, editing and deleting categories. Each category can have subcategories. These categories are used for organizing document specifications and must be defined prior to adding specifications to the Specifications Library.