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Administrator Role

If a user has the Administrator role “webpublisher_admin”, the he will be able to publish documents and also to administrate all the current executions. Viewing the current execution log, he can determine if an execution can be canceled or not. If the administrator cancels an execution, that execution will be aborted, and the user will receive an abort execution message. The administrator can also associate an abort message, when he cancels an execution.

Administrator actions

  • Manage running executions
    • View execution log
    • Cancel execution, based on execution details and current log
  • View all executions history
    • View all executed document generations.
    • Add possible filters: waiting executions, failed executions, aborted executions, finished with success executions
    • Download associated log and result archive for each execution.
  • Manage document specifications categories
    • View all categories.
    • Add categories and subcategories.
    • Edit categories and subcategories.
    • Remove categories and subcategories.