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Generate Documents with Web Publisher

To generate (publish) documents the user should use the Document Specification Workbench. This panel is used both to configure and also to publish a document specification.

NOTE: Document Specification execution section is market with red.

Publish documents

Use Start button to publish a document. Once the generation started the execution status will be displayed in the Console Panel.

All the data written by RPE in the log is displayed in the console. The console is used to inform the users about how the extraction goes and about the possible problems which might take place.

The Console Panel contains one button (Clean Console) which allows the user to remove all the text from the console.

When the generation ends, the results and the execution details will be available in the Results Panel.

The Results Panel has 3 states:

  1. Empty

    This state is active when the WEB-Publisher is opened and no execution was runned in the current session.

  2. Running/Waiting

    This state is active when the Web Publisher has an execution running. It displays the status of the execution and the elapsed time.

  3. Finished/Canceled/Failed

    This state is active when the execution status has one of the following values: FINISHED, CANCELED or FAILED.

The user can download the results archive by clicking on the results button. Also the user can download the execution log, by clicking on Log.log link.

Preview documents

Use preview function just to see how your document will look at generation moment (in preview mode, just a subset of element will be displayed in the result, so you will have a quicker generation – save time).

Cancel execution

Use Cancel button to cancel the current execution. When the execution is canceled there are no results available.