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Configure Document Specification with Web Publisher

Configure a document specification

In order to configure a document specification, the user must to load it into the workbench (see “Load a document Specification section”). After the document specification is loaded, the user can configure the metadata, the outputs and all the associated templates.

Configure metadata

Select the Metadata node from the document specification tree, and go to the Properties Panel.

To modify a property, click on the value field and insert the new value. Each modified value will be colored in red.

To save the metadata modifications, use the Save button.

To revert to the initials values, use the Revert button.

Add output to document specification

In the document specification tree, select the Outputs node, and right click on it. A contextual menu will be opened.

Using this contextual menu the users can add one of the available outputs.

The user is not allowed to add an output Driver which already exists in the current Document Specification.

Remove output from document specification

To remove an output from the document specification, select the desired output node, right click on it, and the contextual menu will be opened.

Click on Remove Output…, and a confirmation dialog will be opened.

Press the Ok button to remove the output.

Configure output

Select the output node that you want to configure, and automatically all the output properties will be displayed in the Properties Panel.

After a property is modified, that field will be automatically colored in red. This will help the user to quickly see what is modified.

To set a specific stylesheet (if the output type permit), click the Browse icon from the stylesheet property value field.

The user has 3 possibilities to set up a specific stylesheet: from local system, from stylesheets library or directly from an URL.

When the user will modify a property value, then the Save button will be activated. In order to save the changes the user should use the Save button.

Add template to document specification

To add a template to a DSX, the designer has two options:

1. Double click the desired template in the template panel

2. Click on the desired template in the Templates Panel.

When using the first option the template will automatically be loaded to the DSX.

When using the second option, the information dialog corresponding to the selected template will appear where the button Add To DSX is available. Clicking the button will result in the addition of the template to the loaded document specification:

Remove template from document specification

Select the template from the document specification tree, use the contextual menu, and select the Remove Template… menu item.