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Web Publisher components

Web Publisher 1.0 was designed as two completed independent Web components:

  • A RESTful Web Service (which uses the RPE API)
    • Message Format: XML
    • Transport: HTTP, HTTPS
  • A Web UI application – a simple but fully functional user interface, to demonstrate the functionality of the REST Service component.
    • Thin Web Client
    • Supported by all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Why Two Components?

The main purpose of the REST Service component is to integrate document generation in the organization’s custom document generation process.

Each organization will have the possibility to build its own Web UI based on the REST Service component. In help of the customer a detailed REST Specification is also provided.

As an already implemented thin client, the Web Publisher Web UI uses advanced technologies like DHTML, jQueryand AJAX, and provides full functionality to create, configure and run document specifications.