GEBS Reporting Web Publisher is an extension for IBM Rational Publishing Engine.

GEBS Reporting Web Publisher it’s a web application especially designed to help clients generate documents online. It  improves the productivity of your teams and the quality of the reports/documents they produce by allowing each team to create, configure and generate documents online. It greatly simplifies the access to the resources providing build in libraries for reporting artifacts [templates, reports, stylesheets]. Web Publisher provides a history mechanism for document generation and administrative capabilities to prioritize executions.

Management and tehnical advantages

  • Access reports online
  • Creates reports online
  • Simplified GUI
  • Simplify the deployment and maintenance process
  • RESTful API to IBM Rational Publishing Engine
  • Centralized management and access to the document generation history

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Web Publisher 2.0 Role Based Permissions

Web Publisher 2.0 provides 4 different types of permissions: templates management, specifications management, administration and publish. All these permissions help companies to secure and configure their reporting strategy based on the organization and teams’ process.

Create and Configure reports Online

Use the build in templates library to simply create reports online. Use the ‘Import’ functionality to quickly move your reports from desktop to web. With Web Publisher now it’s possible to share your reporting resources.

Generate Documents Online

Now it’s as easy as ever. With Web Publisher, even the most inexperienced users can generate documents in a few minutes.

Having an embedded help system, Web Publisher explains in detail every operation that a user must perform in order to configure and generate documents.

Schedule Executions

Using the scheduler provided by Web Publisher 2.0 organizations are now able to organize their document generation process in advance. You can schedule executions/reports to run one time, weekly, monthly or to provide a custom date when your report must to be executed.

You can schedule one or multiple specifications to be executed at the same time.

Reduce Deployment Cost

Switch from desktop document generation to online document generation to accelerate the deployment and maintenance process for Rational Publishing Engine.

GEBS Reporting Web Publisher removes the deployment and maintenance costs, including updates, incurred when deploying the thick RPE client on every machine in your organization.

Easily allows teams to adopt a new RPE version.

REST Service integration

GEBS Reporting Web Publisher offers a RESTful interface build on top of IBM Rational Publishing Engine.

The Web Publisher REST Specification provides a standard way for Web clients to generate documents using the RPE’s public API through Representational State Transfer (REST) technology

Each organization will have the possibility to build its own Web UI based on the Web Publisher REST Specification.

History Mechanism

With the report history feature users can store all the versions of a document over time. Document generation history balances Web-based reporting with the need to maintain past corporate documents for future reference.

Document generation details (execution time, user, status, comments, etc.), as well as the associated log and the result output files (archived in a .zip file) are all stored safe in the history database on the server side.

Web Publisher Importer (Eclipse Plugin)

Starting with version 2.0 Web Publisher provides a specialized extension to help customers to automatically upload their resources to the Web Publisher server. The Web Publisher importer can be deployed directly in RPE (with a minim of effort) or in any other Eclipse based application. Learn more about Web Publisher Importer Tool


The GEBS Reporting Web Publisher provides a web-based administrative UI for configuration, and administration of the server. The Administrator can view key statistics and see the requests currently being executed.