RPE and DocExpress

  • September 16th, 2010
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As of July 2010, all kinds of support for Telelogic DocExpress have ended. No team maintains it and all questions, defects and enhancements that have been or will be submitted for it are likely to be ignored.

Various DocExpress versions can be downloaded from this IBM page, but you have no chances of getting a valid license.

All DocExpress users should check out the DocExpress Migration utility and the whitepaper that was published by the RPE developers on this topic. Dr. Matthias Jung also prepared a comprehensive introduction to RPE for DocExpress users, you may find it useful.

Given the end of life for DocExpress, organization may want to migrate all the templates to RPE. The ReportingArena team has the capability to assist your business with this task. Contact us for more info.

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