Define DOORS native filters in RPE

Looking this week on the RPE Developer Works site,  I’ve seen that a lot of Rational Publishing Engine users encounter real problems using DOORS Native filters in their templates,  so I’ve decided to share some information about how to create such a filter.

To define a native filter for a DOORS data source, the simplest way it’s to use the DOORS Filtering window. All you have to do it’s to open a DOORS Module, and to select from the main menu, Tools->Filter->Define menu entry.

Let’s say that we want to filter only those objects that contain the word “abc” in the Object Text attribute.

After you had created the filter, press the “Description” button from the right side, and copy the filter full description.

Fig 1. DOORS Filtering Window

Filter Full Description Window

Fig.2. Filter Full Description Window

More information about how to define a filter on DOORS you could find in Rational DOORS Help -> Finding, Filtering and Sorting chapter.

Now having the DOORS Filter which is a DXL script, you have to paste it on the Filter Editor from RPE. To do this you have to follow these steps:

  1. Select the template element that contains the query that is to be filtered.
  2. Under Properties view, expand Data, scroll down to the filter property’s value column and click ellipses. The Filter Editor window is displayed.
  3. In the Native filter tab, paste the DOORS filter (DXL script).
  4. Click OK.
RPE Filter Editor

Fig.3. RPE Filter Editor

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