Migrating Legacy Solutions

Over the years, organizations have invested a lot of time and resources in maintaining template libraries used for publishing from products like Telelogic DocExpress or IBM Rational SoDA which have reached or are about to reach end-of-life in the near-future. These templates embed a lot of domain knowledge and are the key to internal processes.

Migrating your assets to Rational Publishing Engine ensures access to modern technologies with reduced costs. Not only will the effort spent on creating the assets be spared, but many of the errors that could appear when creating everything from scratch can be avoided.

We can help you migrate your templates from:

  • Telelogic DocExpress and WEXP
  • Rational SoDA
  • Rhapsody ReporterPlus
  • BIRT

Telelogic DocExpress and WEXP

Telelogic has a set of complementary and best-of-breed products that together form a comprehensive solution for advanced software and systems development. As part of this solution, DocExpress provides automated reporting and documentation services that are also integrated with other popular third party tools. DocExpress focuses specifically on reducing the effort and cost of producing and maintaining documentation while maintaining “up to date” tool links to data sources, enabling you to “keep up” with the rest of your development environment. Utilizing pre-defined access mechanisms and flexible query engines, DocExpress organizes engineering data in numerous formats that can be tailored for your specific archival and reporting requirements. It can be extended to access information from virtually any data source, using that tool’s Application Programming Interface (API). WEXP is a Word exporter for DOORS having a lot of useful features, for example: being able to easily go from portrait to landscape, dynamic tables based on DOORS views, and many more.

Rational SoDA

Project lifecycle documentation and reports are often produced haphazardly or are neglected altogether because of the effort and time involved in creating and maintaining them. Rational overcomes these issues by automating the creation and maintenance of comprehensive project documentation and reports. Unlike manual methods, Rational SoDA generates complete documentation more easily and with greater consistency by automatically extracting data from various project tool databases.

Rhapsody ReporterPlus

ReporterPLUS is a documentation tool that allows you to create Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, and text documents from any Rhapsody model. ReporterPLUS’ predefined templates extract text and diagrams from a model, arrange the text and diagrams in a document, and format the document.


BIRT is an Eclipse-based open source reporting system for web applications, especially those based on Java and Java EE. BIRT has two main components: a report designer based on Eclipse, and a runtime component that you can add to your app server. BIRT also offers a charting engine that lets you add charts to your own application. With BIRT, you can add a rich variety of reports to your application: lists, charts, crosstabs, letters and documents, compound reports.

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