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GEBS Web Publisher


GEBS Web Publisher is an extension for IBM Rational Publishing Engine that helps you generate documents online. The Web client is better suited for casual or occasional users rather than an IDE client because it does not require installing software on the client’s machine; all it needs is a Web browser.

GEBS Web Publisher, or Web Publisher, simplifies the deployment and usage of IBM Rational Publishing Engine by providing a thin client for document generation. Web Publisher is built on top of Rational Publishing Engine and adds several useful new features.

GEBS Web Publisher takes IBM Rational Publishing Engine off your desktop. Web Publisher provides a RESTfull interface to IBM Rational Publishing Engine document generation capabilities and a Web UI built on top of that interface.

You can deploy the provided Web UI to become productive immediately or you can leverage the RESTfull API to integrate document capabilities in your applications.

Built using the following industry standards: XML, REST, Ajax, HTTP, and HTTPS.

Fast and easy deployment process. Instead of installing or updating the thick IBM Rational Publishing Engine client on every machine in the organization you will have only to deploy the Web Publisher once on your server.

It is easy to integrate with pre-existing user management systems.


  • Thin client – no installation required on user machine
  • Makes document generation easy to use and learn
  • Intuitive user interface that allows users to create, configure and generate documents
  • Centralized management of document generation processes and access to resources
  • Built in library for templates, document specifications and style sheets
  • Built in document library
  • All the artifacts produced by the document generation are persisted and can be accessed at a later time.
  • Built on industry standards: XML, REST, Ajax
  • Supports secure access using Basic Authentication over HTTPS