Our team at Bombardier Transportation found the Global E-Business Solution (GEBS) Group to be a knowledgeable and professional supplier. They provided prompt, effective solutions for our reporting needs, and demonstrated expertise with the various IBM Rational family tools we use. Our team found them easy and enjoyable to work with.

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RPE Template

Publish advanced RPE reports using DNG reporting wizard

Overview This post presents how to customize and run an advanced RPE traceability report directly from DNG Web UI and how you can use one template to generate multiple types of reports.The template used will extract DNG requirements, RQM Test Cases and Test Scripts and RTC Work Items. The sections covered are: How to upload your RPE template [...]

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Publish RPE documents directly from RQM Web UI

RQM Web UI allows users generate reports from pre-defined or custom templates. Custom templates can be built using RPE, uploaded in RQM and used to create reports that can later be made public to other users as well. For this post I have created a simple RPE template that retrieves data from a test plan and [...]

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Extract test case results from Jazz RQM with RPE 1.1.2

Recently I had to generate some test cases reports from Jazz Quality Management with RPE 1.1.2. Everything went very smoothly until I also needed the testing results to be contained in my reports. Here is the solution I came up with [...]

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Create a two column PDF document

Knowing that there is no special element in RPE Pallet to create multiple column documents I was looking to find an alternative to be able to create a two column PDF document. After a quick research I’ve seen that MS Office Word 2007/2010 provides the functionality to save a Word document in PDF format. Based on [...]

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How to define a good looking footer

In order to create a good looking footer we’ll use a Table element with one row and three cells. The first cell will be designed to contain some text, the second cell will contain the page number and the total pages number and the last cell will contain an image representing a logo and some [...]

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Extracting Images on a new Landscape Page

Extracting Images on a new Landscape page Sometimes an extracted image or diagram is much more usefully if it is extracted on a new landscape page because the increased dimension of the page allows bigger images to be displayed on the page.In order to extract images in this way we need two master pages: 1. The first one [...]

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Displaying current date using JavaScript

RPE can generate documents containing the current date by using Java Script code in a Script Expression value assigned to a Text element. How does Java Script get the current date? In order to obtain the current date using the Java Script language a variable of type „Date” needs to be created. The Date [...]

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Extracting Data in Master Page

A Master Page helps you to format how page looks like (page borders, orientation, margins, color and size) and to add header and footer sections on your documents. When designing a Master Page it might be necessary to make available data attributes in contexts where normally they would not be available. Although data attributes cannot be used [...]

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