This is one of the most efficient training I have ever attend and I  have attended a lot of trainings. I can now design advanced reports and  if I practice a bit, I am sure I can get some expertise on it. So Thank  YOU.

Mokhtar Boulaich
manager of SPRL Smarchitec

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BIDI support in Rational Publishing Engine

Bi-directional text is text containing text in both text directionalities, both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR). The string is considered to have RTL direction if it contains RTL characters and the runtime locale is BiDi. Text processing The text that have special semantic meaning (such as file paths) in RTL-oriented locales will be processed so that they [...]

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How to run a document generation with a scheduled task?

Using command line users can run Rational Publishing Engine automatically at a specific date/time.

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Welcome to the GEBS Reporting Blog

Hi All, We are glad to announce the launch of a new initiative called GEBS Reporting. We are a group of professionals specialized in providing reporting and document publishing services. This site aims to be a general reporting portal that can be utilized by Rational Publishing Engine users and consultants to share knowledge, hints and tips around [...]

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RPE Command Line API

RPE command Line API allows users to start RPE Launcher and load a document specification which is provided as a parameter, to create a new document specification using a definition file, to generate documents or to start the publish wizard in order to configure a document specification to be published.

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