I found the training to be helpful and informative. I have some RPE experience, but yesterday’s training provided some very useful information that I will be able to apply to some of the templates that I have already created and currently working on.

Jennifer R. Hall
Requirements Management Engineer, CSE-Corp

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Javascript functions to create complex script expressions in RPE

Using conditions and filters in Rational Publishing Engine is quite necessary. Knowing how to create a condition or a filter in RPE it’s a must if you want to have a decent template. The big problem for the standard RPE user in creating such a filter it’s the Java Script language.

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Lists & numbered paragraphs

When it comes of having numbering automation in RPE, lists are the drag&drop solution: create a list, fill the list details with text elements, and save the template …

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Using Styled Text element

The Styled Text element seems to be used very rare or not used at all. This may come from the fact that the users know so little about this element. In this regard, I intent to present some aspects related to this element.

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Define DOORS native filters in RPE

Looking this week on the RPE Developer Works site,  I’ve seen that a lot of Rational Publishing Engine users encounter real problems using DOORS Native filters in their templates,  so I’ve decided to share some information about how to create such a filter.

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Rational Publishing Engine first template: 10 Questions and Answers

1) How to add elements? There are two ways of doing this task: a. Select the element in the palette by clicking on it. Point the mouse in the template to the location where the element should be inserted and click. The element will be inserted in the template to the selected [...]

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RPE and DocExpress

  • September 16th, 2010
  • Author: Adrian
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As of July 2010, all kinds of support for Telelogic DocExpress have ended. No team maintains it and all questions, defects and enhancements that have been or will be submitted for it are likely to be ignored.

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Welcome to the GEBS Reporting Blog

Hi All, We are glad to announce the launch of a new initiative called GEBS Reporting. We are a group of professionals specialized in providing reporting and document publishing services. This site aims to be a general reporting portal that can be utilized by Rational Publishing Engine users and consultants to share knowledge, hints and tips around [...]

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RPE Command Line API

RPE command Line API allows users to start RPE Launcher and load a document specification which is provided as a parameter, to create a new document specification using a definition file, to generate documents or to start the publish wizard in order to configure a document specification to be published.

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