I found the training to be helpful and informative. I have some RPE experience, but yesterday’s training provided some very useful information that I will be able to apply to some of the templates that I have already created and currently working on.

Jennifer R. Hall
Requirements Management Engineer, CSE-Corp

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Getting DOORS irregular tables and specific DOORS properties into Word output through RPE

  • October 22nd, 2010
  • Author: Bogdan
  • Category: DOORS
  • Discussion: 1 Comment

Throughout this article you’ll see how you can get some specific DOORS details from a module, like : –    modification status –    cell width –    irregular tables –    cell borders Here is the test module : … the RPE template : … and the output document : To obtain this “mirror image” of the DOORS module content, you can follow the indications bellow [...]

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Create a nice looking Header section

To create a nice looking Header we will use a Table element with one Row having 3 Cells. In the first Cell we want to display some text, in the second Cell we want to display a text that will be retrieve dynamically from a data source, and in the third Cell we will display an Image representing a logo.

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Extracting tables from Doors

Rational Publishing Engine sees a DOORS table as a DOORS object child. To extract DOORS tables we will use a query like: Module/Object/Table. For example, let’s consider the following simple scenario: We want to extract from a DOORS module all objects. For each object we want to have in the output document the Object Heading attribute value and [...]

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Using Special Containers in Rational Publishing Engine

Rational Publishing Engine provides a special Container. Why is this special ? This is special because it can be inserted directly in a Table, directly in a Row or directly in a List and it can have  Row elements, Cell element and List-detail elements as children.

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RPE & Google Charts Tools to generate charts

In some cases numeric data is much easier to understand when presented as a chart. Rational Publishing Engine does not have a special module for chart generation like BIRT or other specialized reporting tools, but leave open the possibility to generate charts using javascript language and some charting engines.

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Paragraph vs Container in RPE

There are several differences between the Paragraph element and the Container element. The Container element does not provide to the user formatting features. The Container purpose is only to be a placeholder for other Rational Publishing Elements. The Paragraph element provides a large set of formatting properties, including styles. A Paragraph can be a placeholder for other RPE elements [...]

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Rational Publishing Engine: All about recursion

When we need to use data recursion? Let’s suppose that we have a schema like in Figure 1. We want to extract the list of SRRequirements (Software requirements). For each SRRequirement we want to extract all children requirements, for each child requirement we want to extract all children requirements and so on. In other words, for [...]

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How to run a document generation with a scheduled task?

Using command line users can run Rational Publishing Engine automatically at a specific date/time.

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