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Extracting Images on a new Landscape Page

Extracting Images on a new Landscape page Sometimes an extracted image or diagram is much more usefully if it is extracted on a new landscape page because the increased dimension of the page allows bigger images to be displayed on the page.In order to extract images in this way we need two master pages: 1. The first one [...]

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Displaying current date using JavaScript

RPE can generate documents containing the current date by using Java Script code in a Script Expression value assigned to a Text element. How does Java Script get the current date? In order to obtain the current date using the Java Script language a variable of type „Date” needs to be created. The Date [...]

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Extracting OLEs from DOORS

In this blog I’m going to explain how OLEs from Rational DOORS can be extracted in generated documents with Rational Publishing Engine. As you probably already know, OLEs (Object Linking and Embedding) can be placed in a DOORS module. First thing to do is to create a template in which you will extract the OLEs. All you [...]

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Extracting Data in Master Page

A Master Page helps you to format how page looks like (page borders, orientation, margins, color and size) and to add header and footer sections on your documents. When designing a Master Page it might be necessary to make available data attributes in contexts where normally they would not be available. Although data attributes cannot be used [...]

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How to use Alias feature in RPE Document Studio

In this blog article I will present a solution for a problem that you can have when you are using attributes with the same name. First you need to have No option checked in RPE Document Studio Preference Page for “Use schema annotations for display”. In order to show the advantages of the Alias feature I modified [...]

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BIDI support in Rational Publishing Engine

Bi-directional text is text containing text in both text directionalities, both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR). The string is considered to have RTL direction if it contains RTL characters and the runtime locale is BiDi. Text processing The text that have special semantic meaning (such as file paths) in RTL-oriented locales will be processed so that they [...]

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Advanced topics about RPE and DOORS Filters

In DOORS there are some special options when you define a DOORS Filter. The “Display Options” add some extra elements to the filtered content. In case when the user check the “Show all table cells” option, then all the tables will appear in the filtered view. This result is a mixture of filtered and non [...]

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Setting Heading Styles using Script expression based on data source attributes

There are some situations when we want to set some formatting properties of the Template elements based on the values of data attributes. For example we can set the Heading style for a Paragraph element using a java script expression that produce a value based on a Data Source attribute value. To exemplify this idea we [...]

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