RPE – Advance template design and optimization. New concepts introduced in RPE 1.2

This course is intended for developers needing advanced customization of their Rational Publishing Engine templates. It teaches participants how to design and customize advanced RPE templates using complex expressions, scripting and the latest functionality provided by RPE 1.2.

We’ll learn how to create basic templates for different data sources (DOORS, Rhapsody, CLM, etc) but also how to take advantage of the latest RPE 1.2 features:

  1. Central management component
  2. Global scripts
  3. Global data source configurations
  4. Advanced tab of the new Properties View
  5. Monitor & Control
  6. Template version 1 vs Template version 2
  7. Search capabilities


  • Basic knowledge of XML language and XML schema definitions
  • Basic knowledge of different rational tools like: Rational Team Concert, Rational DOORS, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Rhapsody, Rational Quality Manager and Jazz Platform (CALM)
  • Basic knowledge of OOP concept and Javascript language

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